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Thermal park THERME LOSINY

Calendar of events full of discounts and bonuses in the thermal park

Dear fans of the thermal park THERME LOSINY, we are launching a popular calendar of events for you again from 3 September 2019.



Did you know that up to 70% of Czechs have a sedentary job? A few hours of sitting in one place brings a lot of health risks, including very common back and neck pain, or head or hand pain. According to some statistics, every other person suffers from...

Thermal sulphurous springs

The unique source for your health

In the complex of Tthermal spa Velké Losiny there  is a total of five springs which spontaneously gush out from a depth of about a thousand meters. Their temperature is about 38  degrees Celsius.

A good back is hard to find

Why do increasingly more people have back pain? We asked Tomáš Vilhelm, a physician at Velké Losiny Thermal Spa. Nearly one in two people worldwide have at one time suffered from back pain. Experts even contend that just one in a hundred people has...

The way we sleep is reflected in our health and even mood.

Tips for good quality sleep

It happens to each of us that we can´t fall asleep or we wake up at night and just stare into the night. Then we feel irritated, sleepy and of course tired. There are people who have been suffering from sleeping problems for a long time. What could be...


Take care of your immunity

You can do it effortlessly, without strain in the pleasant surroundings of the nature of the Jeseníky mountains where professionals from THERMAL SPA Velké Losiny who are experts in their field will look after you.

Browse a new catalogue for year 2019

Browse a new catalogue for year 2019

Dear ROYAL SPA hotel guests. We are very pleased for your interest in our hotels and services and we look forward to seeing you again in our spa hotels and resorts. For those, who knows our company, but also for those, who have not yet discovered our...

We really appreciate having been awarded this prize which ranks us among the most influental companies in the Czech Republic

We have been awarded a prestigious prize The 100 best Czech achievements

Our company ROYAL SPA offering spa treatments has been ranked amongst the 100 best businesses in the field of travel trade and hotel management. We are really proud of this achievement and believe that our guests will leave rejuvenated and full of energy...

THERMELOVE spa cosmetics

THERMELOVE for healthy and beautiful skin

THERMELOVE cosmetic products contain thermal water from the natural healing springs of Velké Losiny spa.

Thanks to the payment Gateway your way to purchase you holiday will be much easier.

Innovation in payment of stay – use online payment by credit card

Dear friends, also we have decided to hand out the little gift before Christmas – the newly opened payment Gateway – the easiest way of purchasing and paying your stays in THERMAL SPA Velké Losiny.