Take care of your immunity

14. 12. 2018 -

You can do it effortlessly, without strain in the pleasant surroundings of the nature of the Jeseníky mountains where professionals from THERMAL SPA Velké Losiny who are experts in their field will look after you.


Winter is here and common colds and flu find it easy to take hold. When the temperature drops and the air is fresh and crisp our immunity is tested. Senior citizens especially can be more illness-prone to flu or viruses, and that is why it is necessary to systematically take care of their health and also boost their immunity.

Seniors and immunity

Research has shown that with senior citizens there is a higher risk of infectious diseases, cancer and other illnesses, whose origin is to some extent caused by the lowered ability of the immune systém to fight back those influences which are harmful to the human body. "That is why as a preventitive measure I recommend to all elderly people in general to boost their immune system during the winter period and take note of the warning signs your body gives you. Instead of artificial chemical medicaments we should definitely prefer natural resources and the beneficial effects of spa stays which have been proven over centuries", says MUDr. Milena Dědičová, a doctor from Velké Losiny Thermal ROYAL SPA. She also adds: "Spa treatments include everything which is needed by our immune system to function well - that is movement, nutrition and relaxation. Thermal sulphur water is an important component with a positive healing effect on movement apparatus , nervous system and diseases of the skin. No one can deny its primary advantage which is its ability to enable movement, i. e. exercise, swimming and relaxation of aching joints , whilst at the same time it doesn´t put pressure on the heart which happens in other similar ground based activities".

For an autumn visit to the spa we recommend eg stays Try out cure.