Medical spa stays

THERMAL SPA Velke Losiny is a place, where you will regain and strengthen your health. The main point of your spa stays is especially our unique natural resource - mineral thermal sulphur springs.

We offer spa stays focused on the treatment of diseases: locomotive system, skin, neurological, circulatory system and Remitting oncological - description of diseases

Medical spa stays are supervised by a doctor, who establishes a treatment plan based on the health status of the client.

Part of spa treatment stays, is also consulting with a specialist orthopaedic surgeon, neurologist or a dermatologist, who will deal with your according to specific health problems, you can consult the principles of a proper diet with a nutritional therapist.

For better therapeutic effect we recommend a spa stay min. for 2 weeks.


Offer valid year round for all stays.

  • 14 days for the price of 13
  • 21 days for the price of 19
  • 28 days for the price of 25

Offer medical spa stays

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