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The professional guarantor of the spa treatment in the THERMAL SPA in Velké Losiny is LUBOMÍR DRLÍK, M.D. What effect does spa treatment of skin diseases have? We asked him some questions.

Natural sulfur bath
Natural sulfur bath


1. What skin diseases are being treated in the THERMAL SPA?
The most frequent clients are patients with psoriasis and atopic eczema, followed by chronic eczema of other etiology, ichthyosis, dermatosis and burn scars.

2. What is your experience the with spa treatment?
We have experienced excellent treatment responses in all dermatoses. Immediately after the introduction of dermatological indications in our spa, we were positively surprised by the effects of pediatric atopic patients.

3. What is the benefit of sulphur water on the skin?
Sulphur is one of the oldest and proved exterior agents in the treatment of dermatological diseases. It has an anti-inflammatory, anti-itching and keratolytic effect.

4. What procedures are indicated for skin clients?
THERMAL SPA Velké Losiny offers many ways for successful treatment of clients with dermatological problems - sulphur rest baths with some ingredients, physical therapies such as electrotherapy and magnetic therapy or ultrasound. Special therapies which are very beneficial are phototherapy, or comb radiator.

5. What is the local treatment for atopic eczema and psoriasis?
Local treatment is mostly indifferent. We strive to make the most of the natural resources themselves, and therefore do not give long-term treatment to patients who are forced to receive long-term corticosteroids and immunomodulators. In the indicated cases, of course, all effective methods are combined.

6. What generally influences the course of the disease during spa treatment?
The influence is complex - especially sulphur water in baths or swimming pools, complementary external treatment and phototherapy, mental rest and change of environment.

7. How long does it take to see a patient's improvement in spa care?
The improvement is individual; practically it comes to all patients. Some patients´ disease improves during the first week; patients with torpid psoriasis manifestation become better during the third to fourth weeks of treatment.


The tradition of medicinal baths and water rehabilitation has lasted here for more than 400 years.

Thermal water from the natural healing source of THERMAL SPA Velké Losiny is one of the best sulphur waters in the Czech Republic. It is thermal, weakly mineralized, sulphuric, strongly alkaline water, carbonate-sodium type with increased content of fluorides and silicic acid, thermal warm, hypotonic. It contains a number of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, silicon, iron, fluorine and a large content of sulphur compounds. It is a very valuable type of healing water - it is the only simple sulphur thermal water in the Czech Republic with a temperature of about 36 ° CMore about the healing springs

In Velké Losiny the water is used in the form of baths for the treatment of skin, motor, circulatory and neurological diseases. The unique sulphur spring is formed at a depth of more than 1 km below the surface of the earth in the environment of crystalline rocks of the massif of the Hrubý Jeseník Mountains.


The effect of spa treatment on skin diseases is particularly evident in diseases:

  •  psoriasis
  • atopic eczema
  • chronic eczema
  • and some other so-called chronic skin diseases (dermatosis) such as lichen ruber planus, hyperkeratosis, pruritus, acne and others

The treatment mainly uses the effects of unique mineral thermal water with a high content of sulphur and its compounds, hydrogen sulphide and fluorides. However, the role of specialists and medical professionals is also irreplaceable. All this in combination with beautiful nature creates an ideal place for overall psychological and mental cleansing. I'm interested


THERMELOVE beauty products contain thermal sulphur water from the natural healing springs of the Velké Losiny spa. They use the beneficial effects of these springs, which have been known for centuries and are enriched only with natural extracts and oils. The products have been developed in cooperation with dermatologists and are suitable for routine skin care - the basic product line. The sulphur product line is suitable for problematic skin care, especially skin prone to psoriasis, eczema or acne. Ingredients contained in cosmetics have a beneficial effect on irritated skin, soothe its itching and help heal foci of skin diseases. Sulphur water and ingredients contained in shampoos have a beneficial effect in the treatment of dandruff and regulate sebum production. Find out more