Velké Losiny

With the community of Velké Losiny is a rich history tightly connected and there are many historical sites and attractions.The village is one of the oldest in the district of Šumperk and its origin goes back to 1351. The history of the village is long associated with the family Žerotín, from this period to the present are the most important historical landmarks, including the castle, paper factory, parish church with secular buildings and also the thermal spa.

The Renaissance castle Velké Losiny

In 1589 John the younger from Žerotín replaced the old wooden fort by a beautiful Renaissance castle with arcades, frescoes and graffiti. The original part of the castle with equipment, furniture, paintings and tapestries preserved in almost original form are a testament of life to the Moravian noble families of 16th century. The castle was rebuilt and surrounded by a large and beautiful park in the 17th century.

The paper factory of Velké Losiny for handmade paper

The paper factory of Velké Losiny is producing handmade paper and becomes first noteworthy for its oldest watermark as early as 1596. Paper has been produced here in the traditional handmade way 24 hours a day for the past four centuries. Inside this object there is the Museum of Paper, where visitors can get a better idea of handmade paper production, its origin and development. There is also a shop where one can get a whole range of handmade paper products. The present paper mill is now the only and the last paper making manufactory in Europe, therefore it has successfully led the discussion on its classification as a UNESCO monument.

Witchcraft trials

A dark period of Velké Losiny are the infamous witch trials in 17th century, known from the book Witches' Hammer written by Vaclav Kaplicky and the same named film by Otakar Vavra, that has killed dozens of innocent people. You can visit the Historical Museum of witch trials in Šumperk or ride a bicycle thru “witch paths”.

Velké Losiny today

Velké Losiny are currently a mainframe community, which includes the local parts Maršíkov, Žárová, Bukovice and Ludvíkov. In the village you will find everything you need - mail, shops, hairdresser, barber shop, restaurants, a gas station, garage ... Also you will find a mini golf, cinema and a football field.

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