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Jeseníky mountains are not only the second largest mountains in the Czech Republic, which are surprising in diversity of nature but are also rich in historical monuments, unique in their gastronomy and local microclimate wich has unique medicinal effect. We offer the most interesting places to visit in Velké Losiny.

Witch Trials Exposure

The infamous inquisitorial processes in 1679-94 shook the history of the city Šumperk and surrounding area. In the basement of the European meeting house, or in the Geschader house in Šumperk is the permanent exposition that illustrates this witch hunt. Through a modern audio guide guidePORT" you can hear the voice of the inquisitor Henry Francis Boblig from Edelstadt himself, who will guide you thru this exposure. The Geschader house is also one of the stoppage on the" Witch cycle route "leading on the witch trail trials from Mohelnice over Šumperk to Gold Mountains.

Pumped Power Station Dlouhé Stráně - the seventh wonder of CR

Visiting the Pumping Power Station Dlouhé Stráně is in the last years in the top ten hitparade of the most popular tourist destinations not only within the Jeseníky and Olomouc region, but also in the Czech Republic. Educational excursions with insights into the bowels of the bottom part of the mountainous pawer station and with beautiful mountain view Hruby Jeseník in the area of the upper pond of the power station. An added value is the rental of inline skates, bikes and scooters in all seasons for active sports in the mountains, refreshments at the upper pond and shuttle services by modern minibuses on a route to the upper cable car station - the upper pond power station.

Wooden churches in Žárová, Maršíkov and Klepáčov

Worth visiting are three important wooden churches in the vicinity Velké Losiny. The church of Sts. Martin in Žárová was build in 1611 and its curbed form, rustic, renaissance architecture still remained unchanged. Very famous and valued is the wooden church of St. Archangel Michael in Maršíkov from beginning of the 17th century and remains practically preserved till today. Beside wooden buildings, visitors can also admire beautiful paintings. Chapel of St. John Nepomuk in Klepáčov from 1783 was expensively renovated in recent years. The chapel serves ecclesiastical live again and enriches the a beautiful mountain landscape.

Hanušovice “Pure beer from the mountains”

The beer in this brewery is made since 1874. We can ensure the brewery tour for groups and individuals may join.

Loštice – special cheese

You can uncover the secrets of the original Olomouc special cheese production in a museum near Loštice Square. Loštice cheese is the only original Czech cheese with a distinctive, pungent taste and smell. This unique delicacy has already a 130 years old tradition.
You can buy Special cheese in a company store.

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