Pobyty wellness

UZDROWISKO TERMALNE Velké Losiny jest wspaniałym miejscem na pobyt wellness. W uzdrowisku zatroszczą się nie tylko o Wasze ciało, ale również o Waszego ducha. W uzdrowisku pomagamy  pacjentom z różnymi zdrowotnymi problemami. Ale pomagamy nie tylko chorym, nasze uzdrowisko to idealne miejsce do relaksu i wypoczynku.


Sleep and relax

DIANA Velké Losiny

Accommodation for 2 - 7 nights, half board, credit 10 EUR/day for treatments, free entry to the wellness center.

Do you want to relax and want to choose the treatments yourself? We have prepared a relaxing stay, which you create according to your taste. Experience a new treatment every day and enjoy relaxing at Wellness Hotel DIANA Velké Losiny.

from 168 EUR / 2 Nights / prs.

Spring regeneration

DIANA Velké Losiny

Acomodation for 2,3 or 5 night, half board, treatmens in the value, drinks and balanced diet, free entry to the wellness center

Clean the spring body and soul! Staying connected with the rest, but even with an active approach to their own health and mental well being.In spring everything is awakening to a life.

199 EUR
from 179 EUR / 2 Nights / prs.


Prolonged Weekend

ELIŠKA Velké Losiny

Accommodation for 3 nights, half board, 3 spa treatments, entry to the thermal pool.

Treat yourself to a few days of relaxation in the THERMAL SPA Velké Losiny and come to the Jeseníky long weekend. You will enjoy relaxing spa treatments, great food and comfortable accommodation at the spa hotel ELIŠKA.

from 297 EUR / 3 Nights / prs.

Spa Relax

ELIŠKA Velké Losiny

Accomodation, half board, 3 procedures, entry to the thermal indoor pool.

Stay in the spa during the week from Sunday to Friday. Have you got a few more days left? We have a tip for intensive relaxation in THERMAL SPA Velké Losiny.

from 380 EUR / 4 Nights / prs.