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Week for health

ELIŠKA Velké Losiny

Accommodation for 7 nights, full board, credit 146 EUR for medical consultation and spa treatments, entry to the thermal pool.

Treat yourself more than just a holiday in our THERMAL SPA Velké Losiny and let yourself be pampered by the hands of professionals. Massages and baths with additional ingredients will help you relax overall.

from 574 EUR / 7 Nights / prs.

Senior stay

ELIŠKA Velké Losiny

Accommodation for 7 nights, full board, medical examination, 9 spa treatments, free entry to the thermal pool.

Stay for seniors who want to strengthen their health, purify the body and get rid of fatigue in the THERMAL SPA Velké Losiny. You will enjoy a complex of relaxation, a healthy diet and good lifestyle habits. Your health is our priority.

from 602 EUR / 7 Nights / prs.

Complex treatment

ELIŠKA Velké Losiny

Accommodation, full board, spa treatments provided by a doctor of 204 EUR, entry to the thermal indoor pool.

Targeted spa treatment of locomotor, neurological, skin and oncological diseases. Medical spa stay replacing complex spa care. The basis of the program is professional physiotherapy, reflexology and hydrotherapy.

from 630 EUR / 7 Nights / prs.